Sweethearts pop-up restaurant venture

In a new business venture, Chloe Smith and Brendan Gradidge will open a pop-up restaurant. 

Scrub Dinners will cater in outdoor and existing spaces, such as old halls. 

Chloe Smith and Brendan Gradidge.

Chloe Smith and Brendan Gradidge.

“It’s a different experience, and it’s not always there it’s a one-off, it’s a treat, it’s special,” Ms Smith said. 

Mr Gradidge, who is the head chef at The Argyle Inn, has experience in both three- and two-hatted restaurants; while Ms Smith previously started a successful catering company in Brisbane, Picnics for Pickup.

They moved back to the Upper Lachlan Shire after having their first child and want to put their skills to good use. 

“It’s working out how to fit with our experience to make a living here.”

They also plan to bring back dinner and a dance to spaces across the district. 

“That’s the sort of fun stuff we want to do in the area, we were looking at old restaurants at the historical society and we could do an old shopfront up, and maybe find an old restaurant menu.”

There first pop-up is at Ploughman’s Cafe, this Valentine’s Day.

“We are converting that space into a completely different venue; it will be converted into a love-shack.”