Dog attacks on livestock increase

Irresponsible dog owners have been penalised after a spate of attacks on livestock.

Since the beginning of April, Upper Lachlan Shire Council (ULSC) ranger's responding to reports of several dog attacks have issued owners with fines of up to $1320, the ULSC acting general manager, Andrew Croke says,

Dog attacks increase.

Dog attacks increase.

The animal facility is at capacity after reports of straying dogs also increased since early April.

A minimum penalty of $220 is enforced for an escaped dog.

The council has said that dog offences will be enforced, penalty notices or other action will be taken against owners who breach the law.

"While the majority of dog owners in the Shire are responsible pet owners, there are a small portion who breach the laws, and unfortunately, we are seeing the same dog owners coming to the attention of council's ranger time and time again," Mr Croke said.

The council has urged owners to ensure that their dogs are secured if they are unattended and remain leashed in public areas.

An amnesty for unregistered animals has been offered until June 1, 2019, this is for pet owners living within the Shire's boundaries.

"This means that dog owners who own an animal which is not already registered may do so, without fear of a penalty notice being issued," a media release stated.

Owners who have an unregistered animal are subject to an immediate penalty notice.