Brewers and chefs fire up at Crookwell Showground

In the world of homebrewing, experimenting and tweaking ingredients is just a part of the process, according to brewer Adrian Willis.

In 2018, he brewed a chilli stout, although, this year he left the addition of chilli out of his licorice and coffee Morgans Dockside Stout.

Brew crew: Adrian Willis, Blair Flanagan, Chris and John Brennan and Dennis O'Brien.

Brew crew: Adrian Willis, Blair Flanagan, Chris and John Brennan and Dennis O'Brien.

"It's either too much, or not enough," he said about the level of spice.

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Mr Willis entered his homebrew into the Brew and Bake festival in Crookwell at last weekend's event at the Crookwell Showground.

He produced a stout with licorice extract, cascade hops, and half a dozen espresso shots. The keg lineup also included a cider brewed by Blair Flanagan, as well as a ginger beer, an old, and a pale ale.

The event is as much of a showcase of the brewer as it is of the campfire and barbecue chef.

In between tasting the various brews, punters tucked into seafood chowder, smoked venison, marinated satay chicken and roast vegetables

Many of the chefs return each year like Phil Moses and Roy Kegg from Sydney.

The barbecue chefs turned inventor and manufacturers have custom-built a cooker using an empty gas cylinder.

"It took around six hours of cutting and welding," Mr Kegg said.

It has handles that stir the bed of coals and flues to control the draft built in at either end.

The combination cooker is under construction and planned additions include a smoker, rotisserie and pizza oven. It will stand 90 degrees as well as rotate for its varying uses, Mr Moses said.

There were about a dozen chefs to serve up the feast to around 70 people who attended the event.

The weekend also saw entertainment provided by the Crooked Corner Band and an acoustic guitarist. As well as the music there were the bush poets, including the expressive John Brennan, who told tales of heroism and humour.

A table constructed by the late Doug Howard was auctioned for $650. Two timber chairs made by Tony Evans also sold.