The Taralga Art Show delivers again

Some 250 people thronged into the Taralga Memorial Hall on Saturday night for the opening of the town's 19th annual art show.

The chilly weather outside didn't deter a strong turnout for the event which has gone from strength to strength since its beginning.

Canyonleigh artist Michelle Peddle claimed the People's Prize for the second year running with her scratchboard work, Highland Dreaming, depicting a Highland cow with calf.

Ms Peddle won the same category in 2018 with another scratchboard painting, Welcome to Country, which was a portrait of an Aboriginal man.

The Hanger's Award, the equivalent of the Archibald Packing Room Prize, went to Goulburn artist Cameron Bell for his metal sculpture of a lyre bird.

Meantime, Crookwell district artist Humphrey Price-Jones claimed the Taralga Wildlife Park Award with his painting, Yellow Tailed Thornbills.

The children didn't miss out in having a say. Asked on activity sheets to nominate their favourite artwork, they chose Claire Croker's three-panelled work, Raining on Mary Poppins.

Goulburn artist Stavros Papantoniou opened the event. He also conducted painting workshops throughout the weekend aimed at showing people the step-by-step process involved in creating a picture.

Organiser Jennifer Lamb was thrilled with the entry of 310 artworks in the Show by 80 regional artworks.

"Just under a quarter of those were sold, which is just amazing. It's the most we've ever sold," she said.

Ms Lamb said about 1000 people flocked to the hall over the three-day long weekend event. The Show opened at 10am each day but people were lined up outside at 8.30am.

"We've been going for 19 years and it's just incredible," Ms Lamb said.

"The town was buzzing all weekend and there was a (temporary) pop-up art shop at one end of town so there was plenty to do.

"It seems to be the nature of Taralga that they turn out in numbers for these events.

"People with weekenders come down and buy paintings but what gets me is the way works keep selling. Some cost over $1000, so there is huge interest."

All funds are channelled back into running next year's art show.