From the Hume Police District commander's desk: Access your licence on your smartphone

In August 2019, Service NSW will commence rolling out digital driver licences.

The electronic version of the plastic driver licence will be available on a smartphone or other electronic device through the Service NSW app.

Digital photo cards will also be available in late 2019 for those who don't have a driver licence.

Digital driver licences will be used in addition to the current plastic licences; they do not replace them.

Like a physical driver licence, there are security features to reduce the risk of identity fraud.

At present, it can also be used to sign into a registered club or licensed premise.

Using a digital driver licence is simple, you need the Service NSW app on your smartphone.

When requested to produce your licence, you won't be required to give or hand over your mobile phone or other electronic device that is displaying your licence.

But if a police officer or authorised person requesting to see your licence asks or directs you to refresh the licence by swiping down on the screen, you must to do this.

If asked to tilt the screen for scanning, move the screen up or down to allow viewing all areas of the licence.

You can also be asked to brighten the display if it is too dark to enable your licence to be viewed.

A digital driver licence is deemed to have not been displayed if:

  • The screen of the mobile phone or electronic device on which it is displayed is unable to be read due to cracking, dimming, dirt or any other fault, damage or obstruction.
  • The holder of the digital driver licence fails to comply with a reasonable request by the person to whom it is to be displayed to facilitate the reading, copying or scanning of the whole or any part of the licence.
  • The holder of the digital licence refuses to comply with a reasonable direction to refresh the display.

The requirement to carry and produce a driver licence has not changed. You must produce it upon request of a police officer or other authorised person.

If you cannot, refuse or fail to display your driver licence (or digital proof of age card) and you cannot produce a physical licence (or digital proof of age card) then you commit an offence under the relevant act or regulation.

Yass police, 6226 9399

Yass police, 6226 9399

The penalty for driving a motor vehicle without carrying a licence or refusing to produce your licence is $114 (as of July 1, 2019).

Drivers in NSW are permitted to use their mobile phone or other electronic device to display the digital driver licence, but only after being stopped and requested by a police officer or other authorised person to show their driver licence.

- Tracey Gooch, Hume Police District Acting Inspector