Allan Townsend receives nomination for his work on the restoration of the Laggan Memorial Hall

Laggan's Allan Townsend has been nominated for the 2019 NSW and ACT Regional Achievement and Community Awards for his tireless dedication to the restoration of the Laggan Memorial Hall.

Mr Townsend is nominated for the Department of Planning and Industry Crown Land Manager excellence award.

Allan Townsend recognised for his contributions to the community. Photo: Burney Wong

Allan Townsend recognised for his contributions to the community. Photo: Burney Wong

In the nomination, he has worked tirelessly alongside a committee to renovate the hall.

In 2008, the hall was an inch away from being sold due to its lack of use and disrepair. There was no running water, no kitchen or toilets. There was also no money to pay for electricity bills and maintenance.

Mr Townsend was among those who felt the hall should be protected and restored. In 2011, he was elected chairman and treasurer of the Laggan Memorial Hall committee and president in 2013. He remains as treasurer.

He also contributes to the running of the monthly Laggan Hall markets.

The circa-1820s hall first began to fall into disrepair in the 1970s, and it fell into further degradation during its use as an indoor hockey venue and shed for grading potatoes.

Prior to this it is was used as a public hall for dances, birthdays and parties. In the 1950s and 1960s an annual New Year's Eve Ball was held at the hall.

Mr Townsend has worked tirelessly to restore the hall, he has helped access funding to replace rotted window frames, purchase a water tank and installation of plumbing, building amenities, the installation of a kitchen, removal of asbestos and re-roofing, painting and light installation, internal cladding, sanding and oiling of the original timber floor.

Nominators, Karin Schaefer, Helen Smith and Chris Fenton said his contributions continued to be "very significant" and he was an "inspiration".

"The Laggan Memorial Hall as it is today is testimony to the love of community and history and the spirit of giving that Allan embodies, " they said in a statement.

The award recognises a Crown land manager who exemplifies outstanding community service ethos, dedication and commitment.

Crown reserves contribute to the social, economic, environmental and cultural features of the state.

They include showgrounds, racecourses, surf lifesaving clubs, parks, sporting venues, foreshores, caravan parks, recreational trails and halls.

The management of this land is a partnership between the government and the community. In NSW, reserves cover an area of around 1.3 million hectares.

The winners will be presented at an awards gala presentation on November 8.

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