Local Leaders | Upper Lachlan Small Business Association: Expo puts businesses in the spotlight

The Upper Lachlan Small Business Association (ULSBA) was formed recently as a body to represent all Upper Lachlan Shire micro businesses, sole traders and small businesses. ULSBA aims to offer its members the opportunity to network with other business minds, have a digital presence, gain useful skills through training, and to develop an electronic directory accessible via mobile devices across the shire.

The first event is the Upper Lachlan Small Business Expo - Buy in Your Backyard - on October 11-12 at the Memorial Hall in Crookwell between 10am-4pm.

This is a wonderful opportunity for all small businesses to promote products or services over two days, free of charge.

We invite all residents, visitors and businesses to demonstrate support, by visiting the expo.

The face of small business is changing rapidly, with more businesses being home-based, mobile or virtual, while others prefer the traditional shop front. The expo showcases the depth and variety available.

Can you guess how many business gems we have? When next you need to purchase a service or product, consider "Buy in your Backyard" to support our local economy and community.

ULSBA is working with Southern Region Business Enterprise Centre (BEC), who provided three training sessions in Crookwell that were well received and beneficial to our members, with more to come.

Additionally, a highly skilled business consultant is available to assist with business planning, marketing, pricing or strategies.

Upper Lachlan Economic Development Task Force (355 Committee) initiated the formation of the ULSBA and with strong encouragement from Upper Lachlan Shire Council, has offered sponsorship and support for the upcoming Small Business Expo. Don't miss it!