'Helped by my husband': Li Na

I think I have really been helped by my husband Jiang Shan becoming my coach. He was a tennis player and played Davis Cup for China.

But more important is the trust between us. I met him when I was 12 years old when we played in the same team in our home Wuhan. He can understand what I do on the court and he's also a sports guy so he knows if I was nervous on the court, and why I was shouting or something like that, and more importantly he can understand. If I had another coach maybe they wouldn't understand and just think what is this stupid girl doing on the court.

Most importantly he knows what I do and the team knows what I need and what I want. He has taught me to calm down, to think about what I do. In fact, we have a good team where there is a lot of positivity.

I thought I played very well yesterday. Victoria didn't play her best and I thought she allowed me to control the match which I was a bit surprised about because I have played her many times before and they've always been tough matches.

As for my next match. I had no plans to watch last night's game between Andrea Petkovic and Maria Sharapova. I actually do not watch potential opponents playing on television. I leave that for my husband. This is the job of the coach not for the player. For me I just lie down in the bed and enjoy the night.

It's not that I get nervous watching them, it's just that once I'm off the court I want to totally forget about the game because if you're always thinking about tennis you get tired and jaded.

In fact, we do not talk about tennis very much together. Life is life, but tennis is a job. We certainly do not talk tennis 24 hours a day.

Funnily my mother still does not watch my matches. I remember during the 2008 Olympic Games which were played in Beijing, I asked mum to come and watch me play but she said, 'No, no, no, I don't want to go'.

My father died when I was 14. My mum had to take care of everything so I couldn't tell her what I wanted because it was hard for her. So I think I have always believed in hard work.